Class 12th Board Exam Tips by Vidyakul
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Class 12th Board Exam Tips by Vidyakul

Specific tips that would help you to prepare for exams in the last minute

It is a widely accepted fact that studying for 12 hours or 15 hours a day is very unhealthy and can have a devastating impact on the student’s lives. However, if a student is not attentive enough in the class, they need to consider the last minute tips that would prove beneficial in case of preparing for exams. On the other hand, examinations have become a routine affair in a student’s life. Hence, quickly taking the studies would them to cope up with the stress and tensions associated with it. Here is the list of some helpful tips in case of last minute preparation for examinations.

Focus more on the core material

Study material comprises of the educational syllabus that can be further divided into elaborative material and core material. Hence, if you lay greater emphasis on the core material, you can be successful in your endeavors to score good marks. Moreover, you should also note that more than 80 percent of the questions to be asked in the examinations would come from the core material. Hence, invest your time wisely on the core material of your syllabus.

Emphasize on the practice of learning and writing

One of the most effective means to memorize the concepts in the last minute is to write while learning. It greatly helps the brain, and hence you would be confident to score good marks. Moreover, writing while learning also makes sure that you do not forget the basics of a particular concept. Often in a hurry, students tend to forget things in the examination. This practice would eliminate this possibility.

Review class content in a selective manner

The concepts that were taught in your class have a high chance of being asked in the exams. Hence, it is a great idea to conduct a thorough review of the things that were being taught in your class. However, you need to be selective while doing so.

Manage your time wisely

Go through various question banks and invest time on those topics that have a high chance of being asked. In this manner, you can manage your time wisely.