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Class 9

Class 9

Considered to be the first step towards a bright future, Class 9 holds much significance in a student’s academic life. The year preceding the CBSE Class 10 Board Exams, the first national level examination a student would face, Class 9 lays down the foundation and makes the student realize the importance of education and the seriousness that they need to inculcate in themselves. This elevates the importance of CBSE Class 9 among the students. 

Class 9 also acts as a crust of the four-year academic life of every school student and provides an overview of the concepts that the student must know while preparing for competitive exams in the future or during his higher studies. In this class, a student comes face-to-face with a lot of new concepts in Maths and Science which are often seen as challenging at the first glance. Though these concepts and topics prescribed by CBSE in the NCERT Curriculum are not that tough, still the student is required to shift their focus from other things and concentrate solely on their studies as not only the understanding of these concepts would be beneficial in the long run, but would also help the students score more marks in the CBSE Class 10 Board exams. 

CBSE Board has prescribed NCERT curriculum for all CBSE Class 9 students across the nation. These NCERT Books covers the entire syllabus of the subjects and provide the students with clear understanding of the topics and are ideal for systematic and comprehensive studying of the concepts. To provide further help and assistance in learning, Vidyakul provides excellent study material for Class 9 students which include NCERT solutions, Class notes, Sample papers, Previous Year Papers and much more. 

Since learning is a personalized activity, students often turn towards other books for better understanding. RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal are the two books for Class 9 Maths which follow the CBSE guidelines and are set according to the NCERT syllabus. These books offer complete and comprehensive explanations of the concepts along with quite a number of practice questions ranging from easy to high order thinking skills which inculcates understanding, analyzing, calculating and solving skills in each student. Vidyakul understands the academic requirement of these students and thus bring RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal solutions for them. 

For Class 9 Science, students also look outside the NCERT textbooks to further enhance their knowledge. The book that most students prefer is by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, published by S. Chand. It comes in three volumes: Physics, Chemistry and Biology which offer comprehensive explanations of the topics with easy to understand diagrams and graphs. Along with these features, these books also entail quite a number of practice questions for the students. These questions range from easy to hard and test the students for their analyzing and comprehensive skills. With our Lakhmir Singh solutions, the students can practice more and prepare for their exams better. 

CBSE Class 9
Study Tips

When a student is promoted to Class 9, he experiences a drastic change in the syllabus. The syllabus for Class 9 Maths and Science is quite vast and complex when compared with that of Class 8 syllabus. Naturally, the students are not prepared for such a change and hence face troubles during the initial months of class 9. 
To simplify the learning process, we bring you certain tips for effective studying:

Start studying from Day 1

You must not delay your learning. With a vast syllabus to complete, the end result would be heaps of topics left to be covered. Thus, you should incorporate 3 study hours in your daily routine. 

Understand and Analyze

The entire CBSE Class 9 course has to be understood first and then analyzed. Do not try to mug up the concepts. Remember that these concepts would go far in your studies. Understand them first and then evaluate them for applications. Class 9 concepts lays the foundation for your higher studies. 

Practice as much as you can

After understanding comes practicing. Solve as many questions as you can on that particular topic. After solving NCERT, move towards other books like RS Aggarwal, RD Sharma or Lakhmir Singh. Solve the questions mentioned in these books to master the concept. 

Take Mock tests

Testing is the end step of the learning process. Solve sample papers, previous year papers or take mock tests as the exam approaches. Not only it will tell you about your weak areas but also train you for your exams.

Learning new things is a part of your overall development and at this stage we suggest you to keep learning and exploring new things!