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Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter & Atoms

Physics Hinglish Total Chapters: 2
Genius Academy

Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 (Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter) & Chapter 12 (Atoms) solved by expert Physics teacher Pradeep Kshetrepal. We provide solutions for questions given in Class 12 Physics text-book as per CBSE & State board guidelines from the latest NCERT book for Class 12 Physics. The topics and sub-topics in Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter & Chapter 12 Atoms, which not only help you to get 100% marks in board exam but also help you to achieve success in competitive exam.

Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter


  • Atom Intro
    25 Minutes
  • Rutherford Experiment
    42 Minutes
  • Atomic Spectra
    38 Minutes
  • Bohr's Model Of Atom
    39 Minutes
  • Hydrogen Spectra
    34 Minutes
  • Debroglie's Explanation Of Bohr's Model
    22 Minutes