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Units And Dimensions

Physics Hinglish Total Chapters: 1
Genius Academy

Units and Measurement come under the unit Physical World and Measurement which accounts for 10 marks in final exams. This chapter covers the following: The international system of units, Measurement of length, Measurement of mass, Measurement of time, Accuracy, precision of instruments and errors in measurement, Significant figures, Dimensions of physical quantities, Dimensional formulae and dimensional equations, and Dimensional analysis and its applications. The entire chapter contains many theories and each theory has exercises which help the student understand each topic better. This chapter is not only useful for final exams but also for various competitive exams.

Units And Dimensions

  • Measurement Introduction
    51 Minutes
  • Measurement Units
    33 Minutes
  • Definitions
    53 Minutes
  • Practical Units
    51 Minutes
  • Parallex Method
    47 Minutes
  • Measuring Diameter Of Molecule
    38 Minutes
  • Significant Figures
    61 Minutes
  • Significant Figures- Part 2
    35 Minutes
  • Dimension Analysis
    55 Minutes
  • Application Of Dimensional Analysis
    35 Minutes
  • Making New Formula Of Physics
    35 Minutes
  • Errors In Measurement
    48 Minutes
  • Propagation Of Errors
    51 Minutes
  • Exercise Questions
    48 Minutes
  • Exercise-1
    48 Minutes
  • Exercise-2
    62 Minutes
  • Jee Questions
    56 Minutes

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