Class 12th Math Three Dimensional Geometry NCERT Solution CBSE 2023
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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Three Dimensional Geometry 

Class 12 Maths Chapter 11 deals with 3D Geometry, one of the most important chapters. Students can now solve the NCERT notes from Vidaykul. This chapter covers topics such as Angle between Two Lines, Angle between a Line and a Plane, Distance of a Point From a Plane, Equation of a Line in Space etc.

Vidaykul provides NCERT notes for Class 12 with over 2100 questions for practice and 8 books for reference. It helps students strengthen their concepts. Scroll down for more details.


Points to Remember

Below we have provided some of the important points to remember for this chapter to ace the exams:

  • A three-dimensional shape is a three-dimensional figure, object, or shape with three dimensions: length, width, and height.

  • Skew lines are two lines that do not intersect and are not parallel in three dimensions.

  • Four points chosen randomly within a unit cube will almost certainly define a pair of skew lines.

  • A line segment’s projection is formed by projecting or pasting the endpoints of the existing line segment onto the new line to form a 2-D figure.

  • Any two intersecting lines must be coplanar if they are in the same plane.



Topics and Sub-topics

The NCERT Class 12 Maths Chapter 11 3D Geometry is designed as per the CBSE guidelines. Since Maths is not a theoretical subject, practicing more questions can help students score better marks.

Vidyakul provides notes to all in-text questions provided in CBSE textbook. Talented experts design these solutions at Vidyakul.

Below we have provided the list of important topics included in this chapter:

Topic Name

Topic Name

Topic Name

Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios of a Line

Shortest Distance between Two Lines

Angle between Two Planes

Equation of a Line in Space


Distance of a Point from a Plane

Angle between Two Lines

Coplanarity of Two Lines

Angle between a Line and a Plane


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