Class 10th Math Circles NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Circles Class 10 Notes

Circles Class 10 Notes

Chapter 10 Circles 

The circle chapter is an important section of 10th grade geometry. The NCERT notes to a circle presented in this article includes the "Tangent of a circle and the area associated with the circle" numerical problem, with the most complete, reliable, and up-to-date information provided by the experienced teacher Vidyakul.

The notes is built in accordance with the latest curriculum and NCERT guidelines. Students need to strengthen their foundation for competitive exams with a range of whiteboard test prep notes. Students can also visit Vidyakul for free access to over 940 questions from 34 test prep books. Read on to get the NCERT notes for 10th grade math chapter 10.


Points to Remember

Below we have provided important points to remember for NCERT Class 10 Maths Chapter 10:

  • A tangent to a circle is a line that intersects the circle at only one point.

  • Tangent to a circle at a point is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact.

  • The tangent to a circle is a special case of the secant, when the two end points of its corresponding chord coincide.

  • From a point on the circle only one tangent can be drawn.

  • From a point, lying outside a circle, two and only two tangents can be drawn to it.

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Topics and Sub-topics

This chapter is mainly based on tangents to circles and the number of tangents at points on a circle. A circle is a shape that we often see in our daily life. After studying various theorems in clubs, students learn applicable fields. The photographer can use a circle to focus the lens. Using the circle theorem, a ship's navigator uses naval radar to find out where he is and if anything is approaching. Designers commonly use circular structures when designing aircraft. When designing aircraft interiors, they use the circle theorem to calculate how much space is inside the aircraft. These are just a few of the many examples of the circle concept being used in real life.

Students can check the important topics that are covered in NCERT 10th Maths Chapter 10 Circles from the table below:

Exercise No.

Important Topics


Intersection Between Circle and Line


Tangent to a Circle


Number of Tangents from a Point to a Circle


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