Class 10th Math Statictics NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Statistics Class 10 Notes

Statistics Class 10 Notes

Chapter 14 Statistics

Chapter 14 of CBSE Mathematics is Statistics. This chapter describes the graphical representation of mean of grouped data, mode of grouped data, median of grouped data, and cumulative frequency distributions. Chapter 14 of NCERT notes for Grade 10 Math will help students practice text questions from their textbooks.

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Points to Remember

Below we have provided some of the important points to remember for CBSE notes for Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 to ace your exam:

  • The median is the middle value of distribution; that is, the median is the variable’s value that divides it into two equal parts.

  • The variable’s mode is the value with the highest frequency.

  • The following relationship connects three central value measures: Mode=3 Median2 Mean.

  • Statistics is the discipline of organising and presenting data.

  • Statistics aid in planning businesses, economies, governments, and even individuals.

  • The sum of all observations divided by the number of observations is the arithmetic mean of a set of data.

  • The median of the data is the value of the middlemost observation obtained after arranging the data in ascending or descending order.

  • The most frequent value in the given data, i.e. the observation with the highest frequency, is called a mode of data.

Topics and Sub-topics

Vidyakul provides all NCERT notes for free. Everything students need to prepare for NCERT Grade 10 Mathematics is available on Vidyakul. We advise all our students to solve all their questions with the help of notes. Before going into the details of the NCERT Grade 10 Math notes for Statistics chapter, let's first review the topics and subtopics covered in this chapter.


Topic Name




Mean of Grouped Data


Mode of Grouped Data


Median of Grouped Data


Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution




Learn more about the mean, median and mode in Statistics Class 10 Notes pdf. 

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