Class 11th Math Sets Formulas CBSE 2023
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Sets Class 11 Formulas & Notes

Sets Class 11 Formulas & Notes

Chapter 1 Sets 

Chapter 1 of CBSE Class 11 Mathematics is about sets. This is one of the chapters familiar to students. Year 11 students should follow the subtopics carefully. Chapter 1 of the NCERT notes for Grade 11 Math is a great way to study for the exam. It will be easier for students to practice because they already know about the set.

All these practical questions are available for free, which is very convenient for students. NCERT's Class 11 math notes are one of the key ways to stay ahead of the competition. When students start practicing these questions, their workflow improves. Thus, students can prepare for the exam without any problems. Scroll down to learn more about this chapter.


Points to Remember

Given below are some of the important steps for NCERT notes for Class 11 Maths Chapter 1:

  • A set is a distinct collection of objects. Capital letters like A, B, C, and so on denote a set.

  • A set that has a single element is a singleton set.

  • Two sets A and B are equal if they have exactly the same elements.

  • Two sets that do not have any element in common are disjoint sets.

  • The collection of all subsets of a set A is the power set of A. P(A) denotes a power set.

Topics and Sub-topics

The concepts of functions and relations are defined using a set of chapter 1 NCERT textbooks. NCERT Class 11 Math Chapter 1 covers some basic concepts and operations on sets and is classified as Category I. It is important to gain a basic understanding of sets as the study of sequences, geometry and probability is required.

Year 11 students are expected to properly prepare for the exam. A tutorial on Vidyakul can be very helpful. Also, students can refer to them to clarify concepts. NCERT notes, samples, 3D videos and explanatory videos will help you prepare for the exam. This allows students to focus on the small details and eventually practice.

So even if students get stuck in some sections, they can eventually switch to them and start preparing. Each department is very important to students.

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Sets and Their Representation


Types of Sets




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