Class 11th Math Probability Formulas CBSE 2023
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Probability Class 11 Formulas & Notes

Probability Class 11 Formulae

Chapter 16 Probability

This article provides detailed NCERT math notes for Chapter 16 of Grade 11. Vidyakul experts have found all the notes to help students get good grades and pass exams. Students are expected to answer all questions and prepare for the exam accordingly.

Probability Chapter 11 covers random experiments, outcomes and sample spaces, event occurrence, event types, event logarithms, and many other important topics. Students should practice all Vidyakul text questions in order to score well on the exam. Continue reading to access Chapter 16 of NCERT Math notes for Grade 11.


Points to Remember

We have provided some of the important points to remember for NCERT Class 11 Maths Chapter 16 to ace your exams:

  • Random Experiment: An experiment whose outcomes cannot be predicted or determined in advance is called a random experiment.

  • Elementary event: Each outcome of a random experiment is known as an elementary event

  • Sample Space: The set of all possible outcomes (elementary events) of a random experiment is called the sample space associated with it.

  • Event: A subset of the sample space associated with a random experiment is called an event.

  • Outcome: An event is said to occur if any one of the elementary events belonging to it is an outcome.

  • Types of Events: (i) Certain or Sure event: An event associated with a random experiment is called a certain event if it always occurs whenever the experiment is performed. The sample space associated with a random experiment defines a certain event.

  • (ii) Impossible event: The null set of the sample space defines an impossible event.

  • (iii)Simple or elementary event: If an event has more than one outcome is called a compound event.

  • (v) Complementary event: Given an event A, the complement of A is the event consisting of all sample space outcomes that do not correspond to the occurrence of A.

Topics and Sub-topics

At first, it can be difficult for students to practice probability theory, but as they try to understand the concepts, solving problems becomes easy. Students should try to find solutions to all types of problems in order to deal effectively with the subject matter.

At Vidyakul, students can find answers to all questions in the Year 11 Mathematics textbook, taking into account the latest version of the curriculum. Students can access the Vidyakul notes for free and get good grades. 

We have provided the list of topics present in Class 11 Maths Chapter 16 below.


Topic Name


Random Experiment




Axiomatic Approach to Probability


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