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Chemical Kinetics Class 12 Notes

Chemical Kinetics Class 12 Notes

Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 4 Chemical Kinetics Notes – PDF Download

Chemical kinetics is that branch of chemistry which deals with the study of the speeds or the rates of chemical reactions, the factors affecting the rates of the reactions and the mechanism by which the reactions proceed. Such studies are important in providing essential evidence as to the mechanisms of chemical processes. Know More about these in Chemical Kinetics Class 12 Notes.

The topics and sub-topics covered in Chemical Kinetics Class 12 Notes are:

4.1 Rate of a Chemical Reaction

4.2 Factors Influencing Rate of a Reaction

4.2.1 Dependence of Rate on Concentration

4.2.2 Rate Expression and Rate Constant

4.2.3 Order of a Reaction

4.2.4 Molecularity of a Reaction

4.3 Integrated Rate Equations

4.3.1 Zero Order Reactions

4.3.2 First Order Reactions

4.3.3 Half-Life of a Reaction

4.4 Pseudo First Order Reaction

4.5 Temperature Dependence of the Rate of a Reaction

4.5.1 Effect of Catalyst

4.6 Collision Theory of Chemical Reactions.

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