Class 9th Math Circles NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Circles Class 9 Notes

Circles Class 9 Notes

Chapter 10 Circles

This article has provided detailed Chapter 10 of the Class 9 NCERT notes prepared by Vidyakul academic experts. Students can download Grade 9 Math Chapter 10 notes in PDF format for offline study, useful for solving text exercises.

Notes can help students answer questions about 9th Grade Math Chapter 10 and prepare for the exam. Students can also visit Vidyakul for free access to over 940 questions from 34 test prep books. Read on to get the NCERT notes for 9th grade math chapter 10.


Points to Remember

We have provided some important points that are covered in NCERT Class 9 Maths Chapter 10 to help students in their exam preparations. Refer to the list below:

  • A circle is the collection of those points in a plane that are at a given constant distance from a given fixed point in the plane. The fixed point is called the centre and the given constant distance is called the radius of the circle.

  • There is one and only circle passing through three given non-collinear points.

  • A point P lies inside or on or outside the circle c (O,r) according to OP < r or OP = r or OP > r.

  • The collection of all points lying inside and on the circle c (O,r) is called a circular disc with center O and radius r.

  • Circles having the same center and different radii are said to be concentric circles.

  • A continuous piece of a circle is called an arc of the circle.

  • The length of an arc is the length of the fine thread which just covers it completely.

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Topics and Sub-topics

In this chapter, students learn about circles, terms related to circles, and their properties. A circle is a set of points on a plane that are equidistant from a fixed point on the plane. A circle is the locus of points equidistant from a given point. The fixed point is called the center, and the fixed distance is called the radius. A circle divides the plane into three parts: the area inside the circle, inside the circle and outside the circle. In this chapter, students learn terminology related to circles, such as the center, radius, diameter, arc and its types (great arc and sign, semicircle, chord, inscribed quadrilateral, line segment, and two types of segments and subsegments). . Etc.

Students can check the important topics that are covered in NCERT 9th Maths Chapter 10 Circles from the table below:

Exercise No

Topic Name


Circles and its Related Terms


Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point


Perpendicular from the Centre to a Chord


Circle through Three Points


Equal Chords and their Distances from the Centre


Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle


Cyclic Quadrilaterals


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