Class 9th Math Herons Formulas NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Heron’s Formula Class 9 Notes

Heron’s Formula Class 9 Notes

Chapter 12 Heron’s Formula

Chapter 12 of NCERT notes for Class 9 Mathematics covers Heron's Formula. Students should carefully monitor the product. Heron's formula is one unit that can help improve student performance. Also, students need to be clear on the basics so they can prepare for board exams.

Chapter 12 of NCERT notes for Grade 9 Math also contains notes for all exercises. The NCERT notes are designed to be understandable to all 9th-grade students. Vidyakul provides over 300 questions from over 20 books that students find useful. Thus, students can study each block carefully to prepare for the exam. Scroll down to learn more about these NCERT notes.


Points to Remember

Below we have given the important points for the students to prepare for Heron’s Formula

  • If b denotes the base and p the perpendicular of a right triangle, then the area of the triangle =(1/2)bp

  • The area of a quadrilateral can be calculated by dividing the quadrilateral into triangles and using Heron’s formula for calculating the area of each triangle.

  • Area of a triangle when its base and height are known is calculated by using the formula: Area of triangle =(1/2)×Base×Height

  • The types of triangles are based on Angles and Sides.

  • Heron’s formula is important for the calculation of the Scalene triangle area. However, the length of all sides must be given.

Students can get more important information about Heron’s Formula in CBSE Class 9 from Vidyakul. 

Topics and Sub-topics

Heron's Formula is one of the most fun and easily prepared chapters. Ninth-grade students should thoroughly study all sections of this chapter. This will help students score higher on the exam. As students begin to practice these questions, it will be easier to prepare test strategies. 

Heron's formula aims to help students clarify all concepts. Vidyakul’s talented professionals are developing these notes to help students achieve better grades. Vidyakul also provides free NCERT examples and books. These study materials are constructive in preparing for the exam.

Now, let us look at the important topics from this chapter:

Exercise No

Topic Name


Area of Triangle using Base and Height


Area of Triangle Using Heron’s Formula


Area of Quadrilateral Using Heron’s Formula


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