Class 9th Math Probabality NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Probability Class 9 Notes

Chapter 15 Probability 

Chapter 15 of NCERT notes 10 for Math Classes is about probability. It gives you ideas about the important questions students need to answer when preparing for the exam. Academic experts develop all NCERT notes following a state-of-the-art curriculum. This allows students to practice these solutions carefully to score higher on the exam.

Probability is a very interesting and important chapter to study. Students learn basic and additional events, probabilities of various events, probabilities of specific events, and other related concepts. Because probability is not a theoretical subject, students can practice over 1000 questions on Vidyakul. You should improve your exam preparation by practicing the test questions provided by Vidyakul. Read the article to learn more about NCERT notes for Grade 10 Math, Chapter 15, Probability.


Points to Remember

While studying, the important points to remember from Class 9 Maths are as follows:

  • If P(E) = 1, the event is referred to as a ‘Certain Event.’

  • If P(E) = 0, the event is referred to as an ‘Impossible Event.’

  • The probability of an event E is given by the number P(E) such that: 0 P(E) 1

  • An elementary event is 1 that has only one outcome. The sum of all the probabilities of an experiment’s elementary events is 1.

  • Favourable outcomes in the sample space are those that are favorable to the occurrence of an event.

Students can get more important points on Class 9 Maths Chapter 15 from Vidyakul.

Topics and Sub-topics

Probability is one of the most exciting chapters to study in 9th grade. Students will be preparing for this chapter for the first time. Therefore, it is likely that students are preparing for the exam. Students are encouraged to study each chapter carefully. The NCERT notes for Grade 9 Math Chapter 15 will make things easier for students. Also, students need to understand preparation strategies in an appropriate way. It contains only one section with questions to help students prepare for the exam more easily. This question is from 40 books. Thus, students can start practicing. To prepare for the exam, students can refer to Vidyakul’s tutorials and 3D videos. Vidyakul also provides NCERT samples. In this way, students can focus on all subtopics and start preparing.

Before getting into the details of NCERT notes for Class 9 Maths Chapter 15, take a look at the table below for a list of topics and sub-topics covered in the Probability chapter:

Exercise No

Topic Name


Probability-An Experimental Approach


Learn more about trails, experiments and events in Probability Class 9 Notes pdf.

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Probability Class 9 Maths Notes Part - 1