Class 9th Math Coordinate Geometry NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Notes

Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Notes

Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry 

Coordinate Geometry is an exciting and important chapter in NCERT Grade 9 Mathematics. Students need to study this chapter in detail to do well on the exam, and the NCERT Grade 9 Math Chapter 3 notes provided in this article will help them do just that.

Provided comprehensive notes to all questions in the text and exercises presented in the Coordinate Geometry chapter of NCERT Class 9 Maths. These notes have been prepared through detailed formulas and theorems by experienced Vidyakul experts. 

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Points to Remember

NCERT Class 9 Maths Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry comprises important points that students must remember if they want to do well in their exams. Students can refer to these points below:

  • Cartesian Plane:

    • In order to locate the position of a point in a plane, we require two perpendicular lines. One of them is horizontal and another is vertical. The plane is called the Cartesian plane and the lines are known as the coordinate axes. The horizontal line is called the X− axis and the vertical line is known as the Y− axis.

    • The coordinate axes divide the plane into four parts which are known as quadrants.

    • The point of intersection of the coordinate axes is called the origin.

    • The distance of a point from Y− axis is called its x− coordinate, or abscissa and the distance of the point from X− axis is called its y− coordinate or ordinate.

  • Position of a Point:

    • If x and y denote respectively the abscissa and ordinate of a point P, then (x, y) are called the coordinates of the point P.

    • The y− coordinate of every point on the x− axis is zero. So, the coordinates of any point on the x− axis are of the form (x, 0).

    • The x− coordinate of every point on the y− axis is zero. So, the coordinates of any point on the y− axis are of the form (0, y).

    • The coordinates of the origin are (0, 0).

Students can look up more important points on NCERT Class 9 Maths Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry on Vidyakul for free.

Topics and Sub-topics

In coordinate geometry chapters, students learn how points can be represented on a plane or in space. Three-dimensional geometry is required to define a point in space. Coordinate geometry helps define points on a plane. The benefits of studying this chapter are enormous for future applications. In this chapter, students learn how to define points using the x-axis and y-axis. Depending on the question being asked, draw points on the plane. This application is useful for determining your location on a map.

Scroll down for the list of subtopics covered in chapter 3:

Exercise No

Topic Name


Introduction to Coordinate Geometry


Cartesian System


Plotting a Point in the Plane if its Coordinates are Given


Learn more about the cartesian plane and coordinates in Coordinate Geometry Class 9 Notes pdf.

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