Class 9th Math Introductions to euclids Geometry NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Notes

Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Notes

Chapter 5 Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry 

The NCERT Grade 9 Mathematics Textbook consists of 15 chapters. Chapter 5, "Euclid's Geometry," contains several NCERT questions that every 9th-grade student must solve. NCERT text questions and exercises will be beneficial for students to do on a regular basis. These NCERT notes are designed according to the latest programs. Therefore, students can refer to these notes to start preparing for the exam.

CBSE Class 9 chapter is dedicated to one of the most important chapters. Students should prepare for the exam and diligently practice these questions. Our experienced tutors have invested time in developing solutions that best-fit students' needs so they can score well on their exams. As a result, students can practice these questions to make test preparation easier. 

Read the article below to learn more about the NCERT notes for Class 9 Math Chapter 5.


Points to Remember

We have provided a few important points that are covered in NCERT Class 9 Maths Chapter 5 to help students in their exam preparations. Refer to the points below:

  • Axioms or postulates are the basic facts that are taken for granted without proof.

  • Two lines are intersecting if they have a common point. The common point is called the point of intersection.

  • Two lines are parallel if they do not have a common point i.e., they do not intersect.

  • Theorems are statements that are proved through logical reasoning based on previously proven results and some hypotheses.

  • There are three basic terms in geometry, namely “Point”, “Line” and “Plane”.

To get further information on this chapter, students must check out Vidyakul.

Topics and Sub-topics

Introduction to Euclidean Geometry is devoted to axioms and theorems. Students may actually face problems in the early stages at first. Thus, students can start using the Vidyakul NCERT notes. This makes it easier for students to prepare for the exam.

This chapter introduces students to Euclid's geometry. Following the arrangement, students can practice all units. This chapter is divided into two blocks. Therefore, students should start with a basic level to prepare for the exam easily. When students encounter difficulties or obstacles, they have access to all Vidyakul resources. Practicing these questions will help students solve all questions quickly and accurately.

Exercise No

Topic Name


Euclid’s Definitions, Axioms and Postulates


Equivalent Versions of Euclid’s Fifth Postulate


Learn more about these postulates and axioms in Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Notes pdf.

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