Class 9th Science The Fundamental Unit Of Life NCERT Notes CBSE 2023
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The Fundamental Unit of Life Class 9 Notes

The Fundamental Unit of Life Class 9 Notes

Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life

In this chapter, students learn what living organisms are made of. Chapter 5 of Vidyakul NCERT notes for Class 9 Science will help students better understand the concepts. Students are encouraged to focus on Vidyakul NCERT books and notes for the 9th grade exams to achieve excellent grades. Also, NCERT notes are in line with the latest programs. Vidyakul introduces students to cell concepts with NCERT notes. Students can also expand their knowledge by watching the videos in this chapter. You can also track your progress with practice tests. 

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Points to Remember

The important points to remember from Class 9 Science Chapter 5 are as follows:

  • The fundamental structural and operational unit of life is the cell.

  • Robert Hooke made the discovery of the cell.

  • Tissues and organs can be created by a combination of cells.

  • Prokaryotic cells lack a distinct nucleus and are primitive in nature.

  • The nucleus of eukaryotic cells is well defined and they are more evolved.

  • The outside of a cell is called the cell membrane.

  • It is a membrane with phospholipid bilayers.

  • Its nature makes it selectively permeable.

  • The fluid mosaic model provides the most accurate description of a cell membrane’s structure.

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Topics and Sub-topics

Students can get NCERT notes for 9th Grade Science Chapter 5 on Vidyakul. Students learn about the structural organization of cells, the differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, the plasma membrane, and other related concepts.

Students can also solve the CBSE Year 9 Sample Paper on Vidyakul to improve their academic performance. Vidyakul's NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 5 notes will help students develop the right approach to answer writing. This allows students to practice the questions in this book. All of these materials are provided free of charge by Vidyakul.

Let us look at the topics that students are going to study in this chapter:

Sr No

Topic Name

Exercise 5.1

What are Living Organisms Made Up of?

Exercise 5.2

What is the Structural Organisation of a Cell?

What is the Cell Made Up of?

Exercise 5.2.1

Plasma Membrane or Cell Membrane

Exercise 5.2.2

Cell Wall

Exercise 5.2.3


Exercise 5.2.4


Exercise 5.2.5

Cell Organelles

Few Important Questions

  • What is a ‘Homogenous’ mixture?

A homogeneous mixture is a mixture in which the composition is uniform throughout the mixture.

  • What is an ‘Isotonic’ medium?

A notes is isotonic when its effective mole concentration is the same as that of another notes.

  • What is a ‘Vacuole’?

A vacuole is a membrane-bound cell organelle. In animal cells, vacuoles are generally small and help sequester waste products. In the plant cells, vacuoles help in maintaining water balance.

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